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Ever get that feeling that life stresses are getting the best of you? Here at Performance Plus Knox, we offer you remedial massage from our experienced therapist Steve.

Muscle tension, knots and joint pain can be caused by an array of reasons, stress, poor posture, work, exercise… essentially if you’re living a modern western lifestyle, chances are your body is probably feeling a bit tense, stiff or sore… am I right?

Having expanded his knowledge base to include remedial massage, Steve now offers a holistic service to his clients, including personal training and myotherapy.  

Steve studied at Deakin University under the watchful eye of David Parkin, while also working as an AFL Boundary Umpire. Ever since Steve has continued honing his skills, regularly updating his credentials through leading industry bodies.  This ensures he’s providing you his client, with the best service possible to remove those aches and pains.

Steve is a qualified personal trainer, run coach, myotherapist and massage therapist. His expertise and expanded knowledge provides a unique and personalised solution you his clients needs.  This deeper knowledge of the human anatomy gained through these supplementary disciplines; Steve can identify potential underlying issues that other therapists may miss… meaning your aches and pains not disappearing.

Beginning his career as a personal trainer at Goodlife Health Centre Knox (formally The King Club) more than 25 years ago, Steve has developed a trusted network and client base in the Knox community and surrounds.  As such he has a personal connection with the people of the area, having grown up close by and living locally.

Put yourself first for a change and allow your body to feel once again relaxed, stand a little taller and have more confidence.

Call Steve today on 0416 230 767 to book an appointment… you deserve it!

Contact Steve at Performance Plus today to learn more about how he can help you achieve your health & fitness goals.


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